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Secret #1: Creating Video Does Not Have to be Difficult
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What People Are Saying...
"...I Highly Recommend it To Everyone"
"I'm so happy for the new skills I've learned, and can't wait to keep learning and practicing all the things they are teaching me!

They laid everything out in simple steps. I highly recommend it to everyone!!"
Hillary Hess, Founder of Helping of Happiness
"It Makes you Feel Like, Hey I Can Do This!"
"This course is excellent!!! Russ does a great job of explaining the details on how to make a great video.

 I really like how simple, yet powerful the teaching method is. It makes you feel like, "Hey I can do this." Great great job!!!"
Dr. Brandon Nielsen, owner of Nielsen Holistic 
"We had over 90,000 New Followers on Facebook From That Video."
"Russ knows how to do videos. Russ knows how to make it happen.

I had this idea in my head and he brought it to life! Those sales happened! It really worked!"
Alison J Prince, Entrepreneur
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